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Take care of the environment you live or work in with our eco friendly biodegradable cleaning products. If you have any questions regarding our products or just want to know more of our company,  feel free to contact us.

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At Bio-Bright we are known for being a trusted, ethical distributor of world class bacterial, enzyme, probiotic, microbial and eco-friendly chemical products for major blue-chip companies in South Africa as well as for worldwide export. Bio-Bright is unique, we distribute natural, biodegradable world class bacterial, enzyme and eco-friendly cleaning and chemical products. Our products have a natural home ground performance advantage allowing them to metabolize faster, reproduce quicker, degrade waste more efficiently, and survive for longer. By not importing we add real value by avoiding expensive exchange rates, increasing shipping costs while avoiding the huge carbon footprint of imported other enzyme and eco-friendly cleaning products and chemicals.

With a head office in Mpumalanga, Bio-Bright has a national footprint with representation and warehousing in Cape Town, Durban, and Port Elizabeth. With South Africa’s attractive export exchange rate Bio-Bright is a successful exporter of quality eco-friendly products across the continent and to the rest of the world. Bio-Bright manufacturing technology creates local jobs, assists with the country’s trade deficit, addresses key national priorities of socio-economic improvement as well as sustainable environmental preservation.

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What Customers Have to Say

I’ve been using Bio-Bright’s Poultry Litter Gobbler in my Chicken House! Where I use to have a huge problem with “Burning Feet” on my chickens because of the Ammonia problem, and had a huge financial loss, with the Poultry Litter the problem was completely resolved. The ammonia smell is gone, and I can see the amazing result especially when the chicks are at the later stage in the cycle.
Vincent Mcarthy
I am a “greeny” as they would say! I love the Idea of contributing to mother nature and keeping my promise to my children and their children of a save and healthy future! That’s why I love buying my every day cleaning products for my house from Bio-Bright. Their range of enzyme-based cleaning products promise to replace the hard-chemical cleaning products that you buy on the shelf at the local supermarket with Green Eco-Friendly Cleaning products. It’s our responsibility to save the world we live in, and I am doing my bit!
Johan Voster
Bio-Bright has got this product “Pit Toilet Powder” that I mix into my cat’s litter box. Where in the past I had to replace the sand every-day because of the smell, the “Pit Toilet Powder” suppresses the smell and keeps my house smelling fresh as a daisy!! The other usage benefit is that I had to buy Cat Litter every month, now I replace the litter only once a week and thus I get away of buying a new Cat Litter Bag every second month, it is a massive saving!!
Hannetjie Venter
I am a teacher at a secondary school in Mpumalanga and my classroom is next to boy’s bathrooms. The smell of the boy’s urinal was terrible! I had to use Air Freshener constantly in my classroom just to make it bearable. Bio-Bright came and did a deep clean of all the bathrooms at the school, and the difference is remarkable! I can teach again in my classroom without that terrible smell and without having to use an Air Freshener. Now it is just a question of maintaining the bathrooms at the school with their products. Thanks Bio-Bright!
Lerato Mokoena