Virus Gobbler Fogger Disinfectant

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Formulated with distilled water to
prevent limescale buildup in
delicate fogging mechanisms
For deep cleaning cold fogging
applications (no living beings
99,999% Microbial kill rate within 5
minutes (Independently tested to
EN 1276 standards Certification.
No: 2017IS/TS/0338)
Outstanding performance with
new counter-ion technology
Excellent enveloped virus killing
properties, with superior grampositive and gram-negative
bacterial elimination

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Product Description:
Based on new counter-ion technology,
Virus Gobbler™ Fogger Disinfectant is a
potent alcohol free 99,999% microbial kill
rate disinfectant, approved to EN 1276
testing standards for use in for use in food,
industrial, domestic and institutional
areas. Its latest generation chloride free
formulation has a residual effect after
application, prevents corrosion on
metals, and is specially formulated with
distilled water to eliminate limescale
buildup forming in delicate fogging
mechanisms, protecting equipment.

Virus Gobbler™ is independently
Toxicology Risk Assessment Approved
and is HACCP standards compliant
for use in the food industry.

Product Features:
• 99,999% Microbial kill rate within 5 minutes
as tested to EN 1276 standards
• Latest counter-ion technology
• Highly effective against enveloped viruses
with superior gram-positive and gramnegative bacteria killing capabilities
• Toxicology Risk Assessment Approved
• Excellent efficacy in the presence of high
organic loadings such as blood and protein
• Safe for use in the food industry
• Eco-Choice Type 1 Eco Accreditation
• Prevents corrosion and is chloride free
• Log 5 tested and approved against Listeria
• Non-toxic, non-volatile, non-corrosive
• Advanced alcohol-free formulation
• Good tolerance to hard water

Industry Applications:
• Food
• Industrial
• Domestic
• Institutional
Recommended Use:
Remove all livings beings including (including
humans, animals, pet insects) as well as plants.
Remove all food, feedstuffs, fodder and food
packing materials. Wear full protective Personal
Protective Equipment, including respirator. Cover
exposed electronic equipment circuitry. Product
efficacy will be reduced if surfaces are dirty or
greasy; pre-clean with a suitable detergent or
cleaning disinfectant and rise well. Anionic
detergents not well rinsed off will compromise
efficacy. Open all cupboards and drawers. Fog
area in accordance with the fogging machine
manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring adequate
contact time on surfaces (minimum 5 minutes).
Allow 6 hours for the product to settle before reentry. First ventilate the area well by opening all
doors and windows. Then turn on air conditioners
and fans if available to assist with ventilation. Food
preparation surfaces, food utensils, clothing and,
linen and skin contact surfaces should be well
washed and rinsed after application. Do not inhale.

Shelf Life & Storage:
Store in cool, dry place. Stable for 24 months. Read
and understand Safety Data Sheet before using this

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